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Transcript to hypnotherapy testimonial video - Dog phobia hypnotherapy helps Katie overcome her fear of dogs:  

I took my daughter to see Dan because she had a phobia of dogs. It got to the point where it was affecting how she wouldn’t go to friends’ houses and she crossed the road if she saw a dog coming near her.
I found Dan’s website and contacted him. We were looking at getting a puppy ourselves but I was concerned that that wasn’t going to be the solution.
Anyway four sessions later, Katie is absolutely fine, we have our own puppy, she spends lots of time with him in the garden, she picks him up. She’s also good with other dogs she sees in the street and my friend’s dog who usually has to be put away, in half-term she was running around the house with him.
So it’s been a complete success and I definitely recommend Dan.


Bishops Stortford

February 2015


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