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Transcript to Matt's video testimonial - overcoming driving fear hypnotherapy in Ely testimonial:

Hi, I’m Matt. In 1996, I had a panic attack on a motorway while driving in Wales with friends. This then inhibited my ability to travel on motorways, often dual carriageways, especially the A14, for years and caused me a lot of disruption travelling around the country.

And it wasn’t until 2010 that  I came to Dan after the relationship I was in they wanted to go to Dorset which meant travelling on the M11,the M25 and another motorway  I don’t recall the name of unfortunately.

Dan helped me a lot to realise that a lot of the panic was in my own head and that I could, with Dan’s help and encouragement, believe that I was back in control, like with driving, of my mind’s thoughts. And I did drive to Dorset later that year.

It’s left me feeling a lot more confident about driving – even when my misses makes one or two comments I can laugh them off and say either do you want to drive or we’re going to get there safely anyway.

And to me it is all about being in control and relaxing and Dan comes highly recommended.



November 2014

Hypnotherapy for driving fear and driving phobia

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