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Transcript to Kate's testimonial video - confidence hypnotherapy in Ely helps Kate end self doubt: 

I originally came to see Dan about two years ago. I had massive confidence issues over relationship breakups, issues at work, I was in a very dark place at that time and couldn’t see any way out of where I was.

A friend recommended Dan to me so I came for an original session. That session then turned into approximately 7 or 8 sessions. Each session I found that I grew stronger confidence , was more aware of my surroundings, was finding I could react differently in different situations whereas previously if a certain situation happened I would react in the same way, in the same way, in the same negative way.

What I found was happening over time was that Dan and my brain were reprogramming themselves together to think in a different way so the original thought pattern would be changed to one of a completely different thought pattern, a more positive thought pattern.

I originally derided hypnotherapy and NLP as what I described to Dan as voodoo magic, I still believe there’s some kind of voodoo magic that goes on. But now it’s something I embrace and its part of my health care regime of taking care of myself. I take care of my body, I also take care of my brain.

And now two years later I still come to Dan. But those self-confidence issues, those issues of doubt are completely gone, I now come and see him for my training. So we work on how to train more effectively, how to apply myself in the gym, how to make every session count. I complete in body building competitions so I find it really useful to create anchor points and trigger points to further my training in the gym.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone who has any phobias, any confidence issues, paranoia, depression, doubt, self-doubt to come and see Dan. Without doubt he made a massive difference in my life two years ago. It was a place that I never thought I would ever get out of but thankfully with his help and a little bit of voodoo magic here I am some two years later healthy, happy and in a great place in my life so I would thoroughly recommend anyone to come and see Dan.



October 2014


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