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Transcript of video - Fear of flying hypnotherapy in Ely helps Claire overcome flying fear: 

I came to see Dan because of the fear of flying. I first noticed it the first time I flew when I was 13 years old and I don’t know where it came from but it got worse as I got older to the point where I didn’t want to go on holiday abroad anymore because it wasn’t worth the pain of how I felt before I flew, while I was flying and while I was on holiday dreading the flight home.

So I thought about various options and I read a few good reviews about hypnotherapy and about Dan as well on his website and so I came along and gave it a try.

My main reason for seeking help at that point was that I’d had children and I didn’t want to have to explain to them the reason we didn’t go on holiday was because I didn’t want to fly and then have the questions and to put the fear in to them.

I came along, I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the time I came I’d booked a flight because I was determined that it was going to work to visit some friends in Switzerland. I came along for 5 sessions. It was very formal; it was a completely painless process.

We talked about general anxieties as well as the flying, we talked about where the fear had come from, how it manifested, how I felt and we went through the five sessions and at the end of it I took my flight to Switzerland, only an hour and a quarter but to me it was a really big deal, and it was fine.

But more importantly the build up to the flying was fine. Previously I’d suffer with anxiety for weeks before I flew, this time there was hardly any of that.

The flight itself was absolutely fine, completely uneventful. If I hadn’t had my children with me I’d have almost called it relaxing. And then while I was there, I was away for 4 days, I didn’t really think about flying home.

And then flew home without any problems at all. Felt really good that I’d done it. And although I haven’t flown since I have no problem with flying again and I’m looking forward to hopefully going abroad next year with the family again, and flying again so I’d recommend it to anybody.



October 2014

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy in Ely

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