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Transcript of video testimonial - self-confidence hypnotherapy helps Anita succeed:

I first came to Daniel because I thought I had a problem with my weight. What transpired is that it was a whole lack of confidence issue that I had and after just 6 sessions with Daniel I went from being a complete hermit to setting up my own business that's now extremely successful. In just 6 months and I now have a full quota of clients. And all that is thanks to Daniel.

I'm now in the process of getting my weight under control as well. And I'm just signed up to be in the runners club.

So what last year where I would have been sitting at home thinking that I wasn't worth it, that there was no point in going out, that people would be laughing at me and pointing at me, I'm now out nearly every single day, I network for my business and I am so much more confident and that is all thanks to Daniel. 



March 2014


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