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Transcript of video testimonial - blood phobia and needle phobia ended for Sky 1's Steve Miller with Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely (click on the image to watch this awesome hypnotherapy testimonial): 
blood phobia Needle phobia hypnotherapy testimonial ely
Well I'll tell you what I feel really enthusiastic, I feel honoured, I feel inspired to be able to talk to you about something that's been happening to me over the last, goodness it's got to be at least thirty five to forty years, I have suffered with a phobia around needles and a phobia around blood. I could just not at all talk about it. I would literally freak, I would go pale and often with no word of a lie I would just pass out. I always remember at school and we had the TB jab I think it was called, and I remember just flaking out completely. And so I feel great to be able to talk about my experience.
Now some of you actually might know me from TV because  I presented a show called Fat Families and or you might have read one of my books, little advert there. And what people often think is you know that I'm this really confident guy and I'm all sorted and all that sort of thing. Well generally I am, I feel good about myself. But there was this one thing that I just could not get on top of so if ever someone said to me you've got to have a blood test I tell you what I would freak, I would run a mile from it, I would put it off, I just wouldn't do it. 
So I decided to call in a colleague, someone that I'd heard about called Dan Regan, this guy who obviously the website you are visiting is his website. And I said to him I've got this real issue and I just can't sort it out. I need you to be able to get me over the phobia of blood and make me feel more confident, more in control especially around needles and blood tests because my anxiety is through the roof. 
So what happened was really quite unusual. He did this hypnotherapy session for me and then he did a follow up just to I suppose seal it all in my head. 
But the hypnotherapy session, we started off with some relaxation and that was all very nice but then he turned it into this big comedy show. And all of a sudden it was as though having a blood test or understanding blood was like a carry on film to be honest. 
So what happened is I went through the process then I woke up and I have got to be honest with you I've always been cynical you know has this worked has it not. But straight after the session he made me talk about blood and talk about blood tests and talk about needles and do you know, I just could not stop laughing. I had not got honestly a care in the world, a nurse could have come through and said we need to do a blood test and I'd have said there's my arm. Because I was just laughing about it so I realised what he'd done with my anxiety, he turned it into something completely different so I was smiling, it just didn't bother me to the extent that it did. 
So now thankfully, and thank you Dan, I'm in a place where if I need a blood test if someone's talking about blood, if  I see something on the telly thats a little bit gory, I just smile because I'm in control of it and actually if it's to do with me I just laugh. So you know if you're suffering from anything that's related to anxiety, not just blood tests and needles it could be absolutely anything, panic attacks, whatever, do you know what I've got to be fair to this guy and say to you give him a chance because I tell you what he's pretty good.
Steve Miller
June 2014

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