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How to enhance your sports performance

I work with a lot of sports people across a lot of different sports – from running and football to bodybuilding, ice skating and dressage. And the one thing that unites all sports people is a desire to perform at their best and to get the most from all the hours of training and practice.

Look at any top sports professional in their field and you will notice that they work on developing their mind-set as well as their skills and physical abilities. As a keen runner myself this is something I can fully relate to. After hours of training and practice you don’t want to turn up to an event and discover that your mind and body seem to have forgotten all the things you’ve done so easily in training.

For example, bodybuilder Kate used our sessions together to work on her focus, mental strength and motivation to make sure she got the most out of each and every training session so that she could compete successfully. She talks about her results in this video:


When I’ve worked with clients it has often been around issues such as:

  • Getting over past mistakes, accidents or bad performances
  • Being able to get ‘in the zone’ during training and events
  • Increasing motivation to get the most out of training
  • Stopping nerves, doubt and negativity taking over
  • Increasing confidence so you can perform at your peak
  • Getting all the focus and motivation you need
  • Rediscovering enthusiasm and the enjoyment of your sport
  • Using the power of mental focus and visualisation

Whatever level you train or compete at, there are ways to help you perform more successfully and reach your potential.

Thai boxer Simon was able to free himself from nerves through our session together:

Sports Performance - You don’t have to take my word for it

I know I can help you improve your sports performance and start feeling more focused, confident and motivated because I’ve witnessed the results my clients enjoy over and over again. I love it when my clients tell me how all the old obstacles are no longer there and they are free to keep improving and performing better and better doing the sport they love.

And you may also want to know what other people who have enhanced their sports performance have said, For example, Maria brought her daughter to see me to help her improve her running at competitions:

"My 13 year old daughter is a keen runner and competes at County Level. Unfortunately, my daughter has experienced difficulties coping with the mental side of public competition. We found it so distressing that she loved and gained so much from her sprint training but when she then competed she fell apart mentally. Her symptoms were 'zoning out, sickness and general panic attacks. We had reached the stage where a decision had to be made....It was 'all or nothing'.

I found Dan's website and we went to him to see if there was anyway that he could help. To be perfectly honest I didn't hold much hope as my daughter had got herself into a spiral which she seemed to automatically get into just before she competed. Right from the start Dan was professional and as a runner himself understood her problem from both perspectives. Over three sessions Dan was able to re-programme her way of dealing with things. He also was able to provide her with practical coping strategies, things which she could do before she competed, thus breaking her negative thought pattern. It is lovely to see my daughter now being 'in control' of her feelings. She finishes every race with a smile, regularly winning. She said to me:
"Even though I still have some of the feelings just before I compete. They are good nerves and I can now control them and I am in charge". I cannot begin to thank Dan enough. The best thing is she can now use the lessons learnt in other areas of her life too. We intend to have a repeat session just before she competes next year in the summer Athletics season." Maria Stableford, Littleport

And footballer Laura was able to strengthen her confidence and self-belief as she describes in this video:


Read more about what other people say after working with me.

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